Since you have no repose save what he has given you
Do not cultivate so much anxiety for the foundation of your heart’s desire
Beware not to place on your heart so much burden
The end of all things is to pass away & go.


Nic 207

Puisque tu ne possèdes que ce qu'il (Dieu) t'a fixé, ne te tourmente ainsi pour obtenir l'objet de tes convoitises. Garde-toi de trop surcharger ton cœur, car le drame final consiste à laisser ce que nous possédons et à passer outre.

P 420

Since there's no fleeing from that which the stars decree,
Beware lest thou weary thyself after vanity;
Nor lay on thy heart a burden too great for thee,
For "leaving and losing" the end of it all must be.

Th 292

Since there 's no 'scaping what the stars decree,
Fret not so much in seeking—vanity;
Nor on thy heart so great a burden place,
To leave it and pass on the end will be.

Wh 249

The starry aspects are not all benign;
Why toil then after vain desires, and pine
To lade thyself with load of fortune's boons,
Only to drop it with this life of thine?

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