In the invisible depths of the abode of heaven
There is a cup which in due time they will hand all to drink
When your turn comes do not utter complaints
Drink the wine gaily for the tyranny is far off


F4 40

As then the Tulip for her morning sup
Of Heav'nly Vintage from the soil looks up,
Do you devoutly do the like, till Heav'n
To Earth invert you--like an empty Cup.

HA 43

In the circle of the firmament, whose depths are invisible,
There is a cup which, in due time, they will cause all to drink;
When thy turn comes, do not utter lamentations,
Drink wine gaily for it has come to be thy turn.

P 431

In the compass of Heaven, the deep, the unkenned,
Is a cup which to all men in turn THEY commend:
When it comes to thy turn, drink and make no complaint,
For this is a cup all must drain in the end.

Th 297

Hid in the circle of the Heavenly vast,
A cup that all must drink in turn is placed;
Sigh not when thy time comes, but gladly drink.
For then it is thy turn the cup to taste!

Wh 254

Deep in the rondure of the heavenly blue,
There is a cup, concealed from mortals' view,
Which all must drink in turn; Oh, sigh not then,
But drink it boldly, when it comes to you!

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