That sky which increases nothing but our sorrows
Sets nothing in its place excepting to take it away again
If those who have not come, knew what we
Suffer from the world, they would not come at all.


Chr 97

This caravan of life passes by like a wonder. Mayst thou
discover the moment that passes by with delight.
Sáqí, why dost thou trouble thyself with the To-morrow
of thy fellows? Bring a cup, for the night passes by.

Nic 195

La roue des cieux ne fait que multiplier nos douleurs! Elle ne pose rien ici-bas qu'elle ne vienne aussitôt l'arracher. Oh! si ceux qui ne sont pas encore venus savaient quelles sont les souffrances que nous inflige ce monde, ils se garderaient bien d'y venir!

P 422

The heavens to us add but despite evermore;
Nought they plant, but they rase it forthright evermore;
Th' unborn, if they knew what we suffer from Fate,
Would refuse to come forth to the light evermore.

Th 283

Since Heaven increases nothing but our pain,
And gives naught that it takes not back again.
The unborn ne'er would hither come if they
But knew what we at Fortune's hands sustain.

Wh 240

Heaven multiplies our sorrows day by day,
And grants no joys it does not take away;
If those unborn could know the ills we bear,
What think you, would they rather come or stay?

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