Since in this 2 door’d place the lot of mankind
Is nothing else save to suffer anguish & give up the ghost
Happy hearted is he who is not learned
And careless is he that never was born of woman


Chr 103

Since the outcome of human existence in this inn with
two gates is nothing but a bleeding heart and the surrender of life,
happy is the heart of the man whom nobody knows,
and at peace the man who was never born of a mother.

P 432

Since the lot of a man in this world of change (the wise man saith)
Is nothing but grief of heart and surrender of life to death,
Happy, thrice happy he that was never of mother born
And happy, thrice happy those that never yet drew breath!

Th 778

Since 'tis man's lot here in this world forlorn
To yield his life, the soul by sorrow worn,
Happy his heart who never here drew breath,
At peace the one never of mother born.

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