Follow not the Traditions & leave alone the Commands
Withold not from anyone the morsel that thou possessest,
Neither slander, nor afflict your fellow men
I guarantee you the world beyond— bring wine !


Bodl 91

Follow not the Traditions, and leave alone the Commands,
withhold not from anyone the morsel that thou possessest:
neither slander, nor afflict the heart of anyone,
I guarantee you the world beyond—bring wine!

Chr 16

Do not follow the Sunna and do not care for the commands of faith,
but withhold not from anyone that morsel which thou hast in possession.
Speak not slander, nor afflict the heart of anyone, then
I warrant thee yonder world. Bring wine!

Nic 200

Des dogmes de la religion n'admets que ce qui t'oblige envers la Divinité. Cette bouchée de pain que tu possèdes, ne la refuse pas à autrui; garde-toi de la médisance, ne recherche le mal de personne, et alors c'est qui moi qui te promets la vie future: apporte du vin.

P 433

The canon heed not nor the rules of observance Divine;
Beset not thy fellows with slander or evil design
And grudge not to any the morsel to give that is thine:
On these terms I warrant thee heaven; and meanwhile bring wine.

Th 287

Heed not Traditions nor the Law Divine,
Withhold from none the morsel that is thine,
None slander, nor afflict thou any heart,
I warrant thee the world beyond,—bring wine!

Wh 244

Heed not the Sunna, nor the law divine;
If to the poor his portion you assign,
And never injure one, nor yet abuse,
I guarantee you heaven, and now some wine!

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