It is the time of youth wine is better
With sweet boys a cup of wine is better
When this vile world is destroyed by flood
In a ruined place all ruin is bitter


Nic 202

Ce qui sied à la jeunesse, c'est le vin, c'est le jus limpide de la treille, c'est la société des belles, et puisque l'eau a réduit en ruïne ce monde de néant, ce qui nous sied à nous, c'est de nous y ruiner dans te vin, c'est d'y passer notre vie dans l'ivresse la plus complète.

P 447

Wine to drink, in the season of youth, it is best;
With the fair to quaff wine, pure and sooth, it is best:
Since the world erst by water was ruined, with wine
Drunk and ruined to be, here, in truth, it is best.

Th 289

Youth is the better time in which to taste
Pure wine by comely striplings' presence graced;
As this vain world was ruined by a flood,
'T is best in it be drunk, by wine laid waste.

Wh 246

Youth is the time to pay court to the vine,
To quaff the cup, with revelers to recline;
A flood of water once laid waste the earth,
Hence learn to lay you waste with floods of wine.

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