Of all the travellers upon this long road
Who has returned that you may tell us the secret of it
Beware in this mansion of the road you travel
You leave nothing for you will not come back


Chr 5

Of all those who have departed on that long journey,
where is the one who has come back to tell us the secret?
Well then! At the end of this double road of desire
and want see that thou hast not left anything [undone],
for thou shalt not come back.

F4 64

Strange, is it not ? that of the myriads who
Before us pass'd the door of Darkness through,
Not one returns to tell us of the Road,
Which to discover we must travel too.

HA 64b

Of all the travellers upon this long road,
Where is he that has returned, that he may tell us the secret?
Take heed that in this mansion (by way of metaphor)
Thou leavest nothing, for thou wilt not come back.

Nic 217

De tous ceux qui ont pris le long chemin, quel est celui qui en est revenu pour que je lui en demande des nouvelles? Ô ami! garde-toi de rien laisser en vue d'un espoir quelconque dans ce mesquin sérail, car, sache-le, tu n'y reviendras plus.

P 462

Of all who the long, long road have travelled to this day,
Where is there one come back the tale to us to say?
Of hope and or longing, then, at the end or this double way,
Look thou leave nought behind, for there thou'lt sojourn aye.

Th 301

Where 's one returned of all who went before,
To us the long road's secret to tell o'er?
Take care in this house ('tis but metaphor).
That naught you leave for you'll return no more.

Wh 258

Whoe'er returned of all that went before,
To tell of that long road they travel o'er?
Leave naught undone of what you have to do,
For when you go, you will return no more.

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