Today we are lovers & insane & drunk
In the street of the Mughs we seek wine today
Altogether reft of our own existence
Today we are constantly in the Mihrab of God.


Nic 233

Aujourd'hui, nous sommes éperdus d'amour, nous sommes dansune agitation extrême, nous sommes ivres enfin, et, dans le temple des idoles, nous rendons au vin le culte qui lui est dû. Oui, aujourd'hui, entièrement séparés de notre être, nous aurons atteint le seuil du trône de l'éternité.

P 472

Love-drunken and rapture-possest we to-day are;
In the idols' street topers profest we to-day are;
From existence and self altogether delivered,
In the prayer-niche, sans cease, of A-LEST we to-day are.

Th 836

Lovers distraught and rapt are we to-day,
Wine, in the idols' street we worship pay,
And from our own existence wholly freed,
Still in the prayer-niche of ALAST we stay.

Wh 272

To-day to heights of rapture have I soared,
Yea, and with drunken Maghs pure wine adored;
I am become beside myself, and rest
In that pure temple, "Am not I your Lord?"

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