We have returned to our wonted debauch
We have renounced—the Five Prayers !
Wherever the goblet is, there thou may’st see us
Our necks stretched out like that of the bottle


Bodl 99

We have returned to our wonted debauch,
we have renounced—the Five Prayers!
wherever the goblet is, there thou mayst see us,
our necks stretched out like that of the bottle.

Chr 72

We have returned to the habit of debauchery. We
renounce the five daily prayers.
Wherever there is a goblet, thou mayst see us with our
necks stretched like the neck of the bottle towards it. 

Nic 230

Nous recommençons le cours de nos plaisirs et nous continuons à faire le tèkbir des cinq prières. Partout où le flacon sera présent, tu verras, semblables au goulot du flacon lui-même, nos cous vers la coupe s'allonger. 

P 473

To the usance of toping return have we made;
Over prayer theTekbír of renouncement we 've said;
Our necks cupward craned, Iike the gugglet, thou 'lt see
Wherever the banquet of wine is arrayed. 

Th 315

Our drinking habit we 've begun anew.
And to the “Five Prayers" have we said adieu;
Where'er the goblet is, our necks stretched out
Just Hke the necks of bottles you may view. 

Wh 269

Again to tavern haunts do we repair,
And say "Adieu" to the five hours of prayer;
Where'er we see a long-necked flask of wine,
We elongate our necks that wine to share. 

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