O student of the secrets of the hearts of all
Protector of all in a state of impotence
O Lord give me repsntance & accept my excuses
O thou who gives repentance & accepts the excuses of all


F4 81

Oh Thou, who Man of baser Earth didst make,
And ev'n with Paradise devise the Snake:
For all the Sin wherewith the Face of Man
Is blacken'd--Man's forgiveness give--and take!

HA 81b

I am an disobedient slave, where is Thy mercy?
My heart is dark, where is Thy light and clearness?
If, for serving Thee, Thou givest me heaven,
This a reward, but Thy grace and Thy gifts - where are they?

Nic 236

O toi, qui connais les secrets les plus cachés au fond du cœur de chacun, toi qui relèves de ta main tous ceux qui tombent dans la détresse, donne-moi la force de la renonciation et agrée mes excuses, ô Dieu! toi qui donnes cette force à tous, qui agrées les excuses de tous!

P 488

Thou that knowest the innermost soul of all that be,
Thou, the Helper in anguish and dole of all that be,
Vouchsafe me repentance, O Lord, and accept my excuse,
O Thou Bett'rer and Pardoner sole of all that be!

Th 323

O, Thou, who all men's secret thoughts dost know,
In case of need who succor dost bestow,
O, Lord give me repentance and forgive,
Thou from whom penitence and pardon flow!

Wh 276

O Thou! who know'st the secret thoughts of all,
In time of sorest need who aidest all,
Grant me repentance, and accept my plea,
O Thou who dost accept the pleas of all!

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