Khayyam the age is distress about one
Who in sorrow of the world & its heart-afflicted
Drink wine from the glass with the sound of the harp
Before the glass is shattered on the stone.


Chr 31

The days of Time are ashamed of him who is sitting
heart-sick, heavy with grief of the days.
Drink wine out of the glass, whilst thou listeneth to the
elegy of the lute, before the glass is flung against the stone.

Nic 252

Ô Khèyam! le temps est honteux de celui qui laisse attrister son cœur par les vicissitudes d'ici-bas; bois donc, au son de la harpe,du vin dans du cristal, bois avant que ce cristal se heurte contre une pierre.

P 514

Kheyyam, Fortune looks upon those with disdain
For the cark of the days who straithearted remain:
Drink wine from the tlask, to the ghittern's soft strain,
Ere the flagon of life on death's stones break in twain.

Th 446

Khayyam, the world surveys those with disdain,
Who still at Time's rebuffs morose remain.
Ere on the stones Life's crystal chalice breaks,
Quaff wine from crystal to the harp's soft strain.

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