Behold the dawn breaks & the skirt of night is torn
Arise & drink the morning draught, why are you disconsolate
Drink wine Oh heart for many dawns will break
Their faces will be towards us & ours will be towards the earth.


Nic 255

Vois l'aurore qui apparaît. Elle a déjà déchiré le voile de la nuit. Lève-toi donc, vide la coupe du matin. Pourquoi cette tristesse? Bois, ô mon cœur! bois, car ces aurores se succéderont, la face tournée vers nous, quand nous aurons la nôtre tournée vers la terre.

P 515

See, the day daws and the skirt of the night is rent!
Up, up, drink the draught of the morning! Why all this lament?
Quick, sweetheart, for many a morning yet will dawn,
Its face upon us and ours to the earthward bent.

Th 341

Lo! Dawn appears! and rends Night's robe in twain:
Why grieve? Arise! the draught of morning drain!
O, Sweetheart, drink! for many a breaking Dawn
Will look for us when we are dust again!

Wh 295

See! the dawn breaks, and rends night's canopy:
Arise! and drain a morning draught with me!
Away with gloom! full many a dawn will break
Looking for us, and we not here to see!

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