O wheel of heaven you recognize neither bread nor salt
Continually you make me naked as a fish
By a woman’s spinning wheel two people are clothed
O woman’s wheel, better than thou oh wheel of heaven


Nic 251

Ô roue des cieux! tu es d'une ingratitude à toute épreuve. Tu me tiens constamment nu comme un poisson. La roue du tisserand tisse des habits pour les humains: elle est donc plus charitable que toi, ô roue des cieux!

P 519

Wheel of Fortune, the bond nor of bread nor of salt dost thou know;
Lo, bare as a fish still thou hold'st me for poortith and woe:
The wheel of the spinster both spinner and buyer doth clothe;
The wheel of the spinster is better than thine, I trow.

Th 338

Thou, knowing not of bread or salt the tie
Still flay'st me like a fish, O wheel on high!
By woman's wheel since all mankind is clothed,
'T is better far than thou, wheel of the sky!

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