How much of the sorrow & anxiety of the world brimful
Arise & pass your present condition with cheerfulness
Like as the grass grows in succession on the face of the earth
Taste ruby wine from the brimful goblet


Nic 258

Jusques à quand ces cris, ces gémissements contre les choses de ce monde? Lève-toi plutôt et passe gaiement tous tes instants. Lorsque l'univers sera d'un bout à l'autre recouvert de gazon, bois, pleine jusqu'au bord, une coupe de vin en rubis.

P 523

How long wilt thou prate of the world's affliction and woe?
Arise and in mirth let the moments come and go.
Since the face of the earth with verdure is all a blow,
Come, drain thou the goblet with ruby wine aflow!

Th 489

How long wilt prate of earthly grief and pain?
Arise! Be joyful as the moments wane!
Since Earth's face, end to end is veiled in green,
Of ruby wine the brimming beaker drain!

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