Place wine in my hand & produce the gurgle (of the bottle)
With the song of the nightingale & the cry of the bulbul
It is lawful to drink wine without melody
Let the wine gurgle from the neck of the bottle.


Nic 261

Mets une coupe de vin dans ta main, puis mêle ta voix à celle des rossignols, car s'il était convenable de boire ce jus de la treille sans accompagnement d'aucune voix harmonieuse, le vin ne ferait lui-même aucun bruit en coulant hors du flacon.

P 530

Set the cup on my palm; let the gurgle of wine make a third
With the nightingale's note and the moan of the mocking-bird:
To drink without music if fitting it were, the trill
Of wine from the mouth of the tlagon were never heard.

Th 348

Some wine ! and be its trickling murmur made
To bulbul's song, nightingale's serenade!
Wine ne'er would gurgle from the flagon's throat,
If right were drinking without music's aid!

Wh 301

Give me my cup in hand, and sing a glee
In concert with the bulbul's symphony;
Wine would not gurgle as it leaves the flask,
If drinking mute were right for thee and me!

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