We are the intention of all creation
In the eye of wisdom we are the pearl of its vision
This abode of the world is like a ring
Without any doubt we are the engraving upon its stone.


Nic 304

C'est nous qui sommes Ie véritable but de la création universelle; c'est nous qui, aux yeux de-l'intelligence, sommes l'essence du regard divin. Le cercle de ce monde est semblable à une bague, et, sans aucun doute, c'est nous qui en sommes Ie chaton gravé!

P 551

The object of all the creation are we;
For the wise the pearl past estimation are we:
If the world be God's seal-ring, the posy, to wit,
On the signet engraved, past negation, are we.

Th 384

The flower of all Creation are we,
The pearl of light as wisdom's eye doth see;
Beyond a doubt, Life's circle is a ring.
Whose graven signet is humanity.

Wh 340

Man is the whole creation's summary,
The precious apple of great wisdom's eye;
The circle of existence is a ring,
Whereof the signet is humanity.

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