Since God does not desire what I have desired
When will what I have desired become proper
If everything is right that he has desired
Then everything that I have desired is a blunder.

F4 80

Oh Thou, who didst with pitfall and with gin
Beset the Road I was to wander in,
Thou wilt not with Predestined Evil round
Enmesh, and then impute my Fall to Sin!

P 625

Since ill's in God's sight that which I, I have willed,
How, then, should come right that which I, I have willed?
If nought be correct that Himself hath not willed,
Then all's error quite that which I, I have willed.

Th 400

Since Allah's will and mine do not agree.
How then becomes that right that's willed by me?
If everything is right that He doth will.
Then all things I have willed must error be.

Wh 357

If Allah wills me not to will aright,
How can I frame my will to will aright?
Each single act I will must needs be wrong,
Since none but He has power to will aright.

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