If I have committed (all) the sins on the face of the earth
There is hope that your strength would take me by the hand
You said “In the day of weakness I will take your hand
Do not desire one weaker that this that now I am

Nic 296

Commettrais-je tous les péchés de l'univers que ta miséricorde, j'ose Ie croire, me tendrait la main. N'as-tu pas promis de me la tendre Ie jour où je serai la proie des infirmités? (Accomplis ta promesse et, pour cela,) n'exige pas un état plus affreux que celui où tu me vois en ce moment.

P 539

Though my sins be as wide as the world, there's hope alway
The hand of Thy mercy will be my help and stay:
"In the hour of thy weakness thy hand will I take," Thou didst say:
Nay, seek not for weaker than that which I am to-day.

Th 376

Though widespread as the earth my sins should be.
That Thou wilt guide I trust Thy clemency;
Thou say'st ''When thou art weak I'll take thy hand."
One weaker now than I, look not to see.

Wh 333

Though I had sinned the sins of all mankind,
I know Thou would'st to mercy be inclined;
Thou sayest, "I will help in time of need."
One needier than I where wilt Thou find?

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