I have not been without wine so long as I have been
Tonight is Kadr & I tonight am drunk
My lip on the lip of the cup & my breast in the breast of the jar
My hand on the neck of the wine jar until morning


P 550

We no breath without wine, since we first saw the light, are:
'T is the Night of Appointment and drunk we to-night are:
Lip to lip of the cup, breast to breast of the jar,
Hand on neck of the flask, we till morning wax white are.

Th 378

All my life long from drink I'd not refrain,
To-night on Kader's Feast the cup I'll drain
Lip to its lip and breast to breast of jar,
Hand on flask's neck until dawn breaks again.

Wh 335

All my life long from drink I have not ceased.
And drink I will to-night on Kadr's feast:
And throw my arms about the wine-jar's neck,
And kiss its lip, and clasp it to my breast!

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