So long as you think that I came to existence of myself
Or that I have pursued this blood devouring way of own accord
Since your justice exists I exist from that
I myself who am I where am I & whence am I


P 549

Beware lest thou deem I am self-existent; nay,
Nor yet self-chosen this blood-devouring way:
Since this my existence in truth from HIM proceeds,
Who am I? where am I? how am I? prithee say.

Th 404

Think not I am of self existent, nay!
Nor of self walk this blood-devouring way ;
This being is not mine, it is of Him,
Who, where and whence am I? Tell me I pray?

Wh 359

Think not I am existent of myself,
Or walk this blood-stained pathway of myself;
This being is not I, it is of Him
Pray what, and where, and whence is this "myself"?

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