You compounded me of clay & water what can I do
And you wove this wool & fine linen what can I do
Every good & bad that from me comes into existence
You wrote upon my forehead, what can I do.


P 542

O Lord, 't was Thou kneadedst the clay of me! What should I do?
Silk and wool, 't was Thou spanst this array of me! What should I do?
Every good thing and bad thing to being from me which should come
On my forehead Thou wrot'st the first day of me! What should I do?

Th 354

O, Lord! It was Thou who my clay did'st knead. What should I do ?
And of my silk and wool did'st spin the thread. What should I do?
All good and bad that from my being come,
It was Thou who did'st write upon my head. What should I do?

Wh 311

Who was it that did mix my clay? Not I.
Who spun my web of silk and wool? Not I.
Who wrote upon my forehead all my good,
And all my evil deeds? In truth not I.

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