I have closed the door of desire upon myself.
And I avoid the favours of noble & ignoble alike
Since there is no one will take my hand save the Friend
He & I know that whatever I am I am.


F4 70

The Ball no question makes of Ayes and Noes,
But Here or There as strikes the Player goes;
And He that toss'd you down into the Field,
He knows about it all--HE knows--HE knows!

Nic 272

J'ai fermé sur moi la porte de la cupidité, et me suis ainsi libéré de ma reconnaissance envers ceux qui sont hommes et ceux qui ne méritent pas ce nom. Puisqu'il n'existe qu'un ami (Dieu) pour me tendre la main, je suis ce que je suis, cela ne regarde que moi et lui.

P 548

The door of desire on myself I have shut, so thereby
I may 'scape from the need of the favours of low and high:
If Soufi o' the mosque or monk of the convent I be,
I know, and HE knoweth; yea, that which I am, am I.

Th 357

The door of Hope I 've shut to self, that so
Favors I may escape from high and low;
I 've but one Friend who takes my hand, I know
That which I am, I am, and He doth know!

Wh 315

I close the door of hope in my own face,
Nor sue for favors from good men, or base;
I have but ONE to lend a helping hand
He knows, as well as I, my sorry case.

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