I say that I will not again drink rose colored wine
Wine is its blood, I will not drink blood again
The companions have said “Are you talking seriously?”
I say “this is my temperament since I do not drink it”


Chr 106

I said: "Nevermore will I drink ruby wine, for wine
is the blood of the vine, and henceforth I wil not drink blood."
Old man reason asked me: "Art thou in earnest?"
I answered: "I only spoke in jest. How could I refrain from drinking?" 

P 626

Quoth I: "Rose-coloured wine again and for aye I drink not:
'T is the blood of the vine and blood, come what may, I drink not."
Quoth my elder to me, "Harkye, speak'st thou in jest or in earnest?"
Quoth I, "Jest do I e'er when wine, wellaway! I drink not?"

Th 780

I said “Again I quaff not rose-hued wine,
Blood I drink not, and 'tis blood of the vine."
An old man said, “Do you speak honestly?"
Quoth I, ''I jest when drinking I decline."

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