May my inclination be always towards pure wine
May my ears be always (turned) to the flute & viol
If the potters make a jar out of my clay
May that jar be always full of wine


Chr 107

May my heart always be set on unmixed wine! May
my ear always listen to the flute and the rebeck!
If the potters are to turn my dust into a jar, may that
jar always be full of wine!

Nic 299

Je suis constamment attiré par la vue du vin Iimpide, mes oreilles sont sans cesse attentives aux sons mélodieux de la flûte et du rubab. Oh, si Ie potier fait une cruche de ma poussière, puisse cette cruche être constamment pleine de vin!

P 558

May my heart inclined to the vine-juice sheer abide for aye!
May the sound of the viol and reed in my ear abide for aye!
If the potters a gugglet, when I am dead, make of my clay,
May that gugglet full of the grape-blood clear abide for aye!

Th 704

Toward limpid wine be my inclining still,
To viol's note and flute's melodious trill;
If potters fashion from my clay a jar.
May juice of grapes that vessel ever fill!

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