Oh wheel of heaven I am not contented with your revolutions
I am not free that I am not worthy of chains
If your inclination is not towards the ignorant & unworthy
I also am likewise not worthy or a wise man.


Chr 24

O Wheel of Heaven: I am not satisfied with thy rotation.
Why dost thou give me advice? I am immune to advice.
If thou fanciest ignoramuses and good-for-nothings, lo!
I am not such a good and wise man either.

Nic 263

Ô roue des cieux! ta course circulaire ne me satisfait pas. Délivre-m'en donc, car je suis indigne de ta chaîne. Si ton bon plaisir consiste à n'accorder tes faveurs qu'aux pauvres d'esprit, aux idiots, je ne suis ni assez intelligent, ni assez savant (pour en être frustré).

P 559

O Sphere, with thy course content no whit am I;
Unhand me, seeing for bondage unfit am I:
If to the witless and worthless thou still incline,
No such great matter for worth and wit am I.

Th 344

Thy course contents me not, O, wheel on high.
Free me, unsuited to thy destiny;
If thou dost favor fools and witless ones,
I too am such, nor worth nor wit have I.

Wh 306

Your course annoys me, O ye wheeling skies!
Unloose me from your chain of tyrannies!
If none but fools your favors may enjoy,
Then favor me - I am not very wise!

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