I am the chief of the circle (of friends) of the tavern.
I am fallen into disobedience from boasting speech
He who through the long night with pure wine
From anguish makes silent prayer, I am.


Nic 292

Cest moi qui suis Ie chef des chalands habitués de la taverne; c'est moi qui suis plongé dans la rébellion contre la loi, c'est moi qui, durant de longues nuits, abreuvé de vin pur, crie à Dieu les douleurs de mon cœur ensanglanté.

P 560

Chief of those in the tavern the winecup who ply am I;
To sin from obedience fallen from on high am I:
Yea. one who, from wine unmingled and heart a-bleed,
Through the livelong night unto God doth cry am I.

Th 692

'Mid tavern revellers I am chief of all,
From acts of worship I to sin did fall,
And I am he who all night from strong wine,
With heart a bleeding unto Allah call.

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