O Queen
By your oppression I have become from a knight a pawn
When I abandon the game of bishop & king
My rook is taken by yours and I am checkmated


F4 69

But helpless Pieces of the Game He plays
Upon this Chequer-board of Nights and Days;
Hither and thither moves, and checks, and slays,
And one by one back in the Closet lays.

P 557

The queen didst thou move; woe-drunken I straight became
And thy cruelties' pawn, from a knight I was late, became;
Then, when of the game of bishop and king I despaired,
I castled, alack! and incontinent mate became.

Th 399

The queen moved, I became disconsolate,
By harshness fell from knight's to pawn's estate.
Then when I tired of king and bishop's game.
Rook to thy rook I place .... and so, checkmate!

Wh 356

Me, cruel Queen! you love to captivate,
And from a knight to a poor pawn trarlslate;
You marshal all your force to tire me out,
You take my rooks with yours, and then checkmate!

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