I drink wine and nevertheless I do not practice drunkenness
Except in the goblet I do not practice tyranny
You know what is my disgust at wine drunkenness
So long as like you I do not study myself

Nic 301

Je bois du vin, moi, mais je ne commets pas de désordres. J'allonge ma main, mais ce n'est que pour saisir la coupe. Sais-tu pourquoi je suis adorateur du vin? C'est pour ne point t'imiter en m'adorant moi-même.

P 568

Yea, wine I drink, yet do not intoxication practise:
And save upon the goblet, no usurpation practise:
Why thus a wine-adorer I am, wouldst know? 'T is, marry,
That I may not, thy fashion, self-adoration practise.

Th 381

I drink wine, but avoid debauchery,
Save with the cup, from grasping I am free;
Know'st thou why I 'm a worshipper of wine?
'T is since I 'm no self-worshipper like thee.

Wh 337

Though I drink wine, I am no libertine,
Nor am I grasping, save of cups of wine;
I scruple to adore myself, like you;
For this cause to wine-worship I incline.

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