One hand on the Quran & one hand on the cup
At one time I am a lawful man & at another an unlawful
I am in this vault of blue marble
Neither an independent infidel nor a perfect muslim

Chr 108

The Holy Book in one hand and the cup in the other.
I am now a follower of things permitted, now of things forbidden.
We are, beneath this turquoise-coloured marble-vault.
neither absolute heathens, nor perfect Muslims.

Nic 315

Nous, d'une main, nous prenons Ie Koran, de l'autre, nous saisissons la coupe: vous nous voyez tantôt portés vers ce qui est licite, tantôt vers ce qui est défendu. Nous ne sommes donc, sous cette voûte azurée, ni complétement infidèles, ni absolument musulmans.

P 567

One hand on the Koran and one on the bowl,
Now the lawful and now the forbidden's our goal:
'Neath yon turquoise-hued dome, stretched from pole unto pole,
We 're nor infidels sheer neither Muslims heart-whole.

Th 633

One hand on Koran, on the cup one hand,
We now to law incline, now toward things banned,
Nor skeptics quite nor Mussulmans complete
Beneath this dome of turquoise hue we stand.

Wh 347

One hand with Koran, one with wine-cup dight,
I half incline to wrong, and half to right;
The azure-marbled sky looks down on me,
A sorry Muslim, yet not heathen quite.

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