Alas that we have become worn out uselessly
And that we have become consumed by the inverted bowl of heaven
O pity & regret that (painfully & regretfully have we lived) until we closed our eyes (?)
Not being according to our desire (yet) we have been


P 570

Alack, without profit forwearied and wom have we been!
By the sickle of giddy-pate Fortune still shorn have we been!
Wellaway! not a glance of the eye to our wish have we lived;
Nay, nor truly alive, since the day we were born, have we been.

Th 856

Alack! that gaining naught worn out are we
Shorn by the scythe of headlong Destiny!
Alas! since in the twinkling of an eye,
Unreached our wishes, naught we come to be!

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