We came from nonentity pure, we depart impure
Peaceful we came in & vexed we depart
O pity & regret that until we close our eyes
We give our lives to the win & depart into the earth.


P 578

From nothingness clean we came and all unclean we go;
Easeful we came and full of dole and teen we go:
In the fire of the heart we fell for the water of the eye;
Life to the wind we cast and to earth e'en we go.

Th 397

Pure from the void we came, unclean we go;
Tranquil we came, depart we full of woe.
With hearts afire and watered with our tears
And giving life to wind in earth lie low.

Wh 354

Death finds us soiled, though we were pure at birth,
With grief we go, although we came with mirth;
Watered with tears, and burned with fires of woe,
And, casting life to winds, we rest in earth!

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