We sell the crown of Khan & the crown of Kai
We barter the turban & the fine robe for bang
The rosary which is the sentinel of the camp of falsehood
We sell suddenly for one goblet of wine.


P 576

The crowns of the Khan and of Kei, in our need, come let us sell!
Yea. turban and lawn for the song of the reed come let us sell!
The chaplet, vauntcourier that is of the army of fraud and deceit,
For a draught of the vine-juice red, each bead, come let us sell!

Th 163

The Khan's crown let us sell and crest of Kai,
Turban and muslin for the pipe's soft lay;
Then for one wine-draught let us sell at once
The chaplet, courier of deceit's array.

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