Since our abode in this monastery is not permanent
To be without wine & a loved one is a great error
How long of ancient creeds or new, O Simpleton !
When I have left it, what matters if the world be old or new.


Bodl 112

Since our abode in this monastery is not permanent
without the Cup-bearer and the beloved, it is painful to support life;
how long of ancient creeds or new, O philosopher?
when I have left it what matter if the world be old or new? 


Chr 9

Since our stay in this world is not a permanent rest, it
is a great mistake [to live] without wine and a beloved one.
How long shall I be in hope and fear as to [the pro
blem] of "beginningless" or "begun"? When I am gone,
what matter whether the world has a beginning or not? 

Nic 284

 Puisque ce monde n'est point pour nous un séjour permanent, ce serait une faute énorme que de nous y priver de vin, de nous y abstenir des faveurs de notre bien-aimée. Ô homme pacifique! jusques à quand ces discussions sur la création ou sur léternité du monde? Quand je n'y serai plus, que m'importe qu'il soit ancien ou moderne?

P 577

Since in this world for us is no abiding-stead,
An error grave were life, sans wine and wanton led:
How long of Old and New wilt prate, thou addlehead?
What matters Old or New to me, when I am dead? 

Th 367

Since in this world no resting-place have we,
Sans wine and sweetheart folly 't were to be.
How long, O wise man, prate of old or new?
When I am dead, what 's old or new to me? 

Wh 324

We shall not stay here long, but while we do,
'Tis folly wine and sweethearts to eschew;
Why ask if earth etern or transient be?
Since you must go, it matters not to you. 

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