Never have we obtained repose from the world’s sorrow a moment
If your hope of last night we have not pleasantly
Since experience never came to me from the kitchen of love
From none have I obtained pleasure of my vain expectation


Nic 313

Les soucis de ce monde, nous ne leur accordons pas même la valeur d'un grain d'orge; oh! que nous sommes heureux! Si nous avons de quoi déjeuner, nous n'avons rien pour dîner; oh! que nous sommes heureux! Bien que rien de cuit ne nous arrive des cuisines, nous n'adressons à personne des prières importunes; oh! que nous sommes heureux!

P 591

By the troubles of Fortune we set not a grain; yea, we 're happy.
If breakfast's vouchsafed, we from dinner abstain; yea, we 're happy.
Since cooked meat is ours from the kitchen of Love,
On no one we build expectations in vain; yea, we 're happy.

Th 389

The griefs of Time we reck not at a grain, we 're happy.
If breakfast comes from dinner we abstain, yes we 're happy.
Since cooked food from Love's kitchen comes to us.
Of none do we have expectations vain, for we 're happy!

Wh 345

The world's annoys I rate not at one grain,
So I eat once a day I don't complain;
And, since earth's kitchen yields no solid food,
I pester no man with petitions vain.

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