Come O friend, let us not suffer sorrow for tomorrow
Let us reckon this one moment of cash as booty
Tomorrow when from the surface of earth we depart
We shall be carried away with 7000 anniversaries



O Friend, come, let us not grieve for To-morrow, but
count this one moment of our life a gain.
To-morrow, when we depart from this old inn, we shall
be the road-fellows of the travellers of seven thousand years.

F4 21

Ah, my Belovéd, fill the Cup that clears
TO-DAY of past Regret and future Fears:
To-morrow!--Why, To-morrow I may be
Myself with Yesterday's Sev'n thousand Years.

HA 21

Come, O friend! and let us not suffer anguish concerning the morrow,
Let us take advantage of these few ready-money moments.
When, to-morrow, we depart from the face of the earth
We shall be equal with those who went seven thousand years ago.

Nic 269

Ô ami! viens à moi, ne nous soucions pas du jour de demain et considérons comme un butin ce court instant d'existence. Demain, quand nous aurons abandonné cette vieille résidence (le monde), nous serons les compagnons contemporains de ceux qui I'ont quittée depuis sept mille ans!

P 586

Friend, let to-morrow's troubles go bang for me and thee!
Come, profit by this moment of life, before it flee:
To-morrow, when we've quitted this ancient hostel, we
With seven thousand ages shall fellow-travellers be.

Th 355

Friend, let us not the Morrow's fears forecast,
Come! profit by this moment while it last;
To-morrow this old Inn we 'll quit and be
The comrades of Seven Thousand Ages past!

Wh 312

O let us not forecast to-morrow's fears,
But count to-day as gain, my brave compeers!
To-morrow we shall quit this inn, and march
With comrades who have marched seven thousand years.

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