So long as you think that I fear the world
And that I fear dying & giving up the ghost
Death is like truth of it there is origin
I fear having sorrow from not finding a friend


P 602

Beware lest thou think that death and its need I fear,
That the flight of the soul from the body's wede I fear.
Death, since it is certain, no fear thereof have I;
But, since I've lived ill, 't is that, indeed, I fear.

Th 362

Think not a fear to leave the world have I,
Nor dying nor that thence the soul should fly ;
Since death is certain, that I do not dread,
' T is my ill living makes me fear to die.

Wh 319

Think not I dread from out the world to hie,
And see my disembodied spirit fly;
I tremble not at death, for death is true,
'Tis my ill life that makes me fear to die!

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