Nights pass that we do not close our eyes
That many of these dawns will break when we do not draw breath
Arise & draw breath before the breath of dawn
That we may strike the foot of joy upon the head of sorrow


Nic 293

Que de nuits s'accumulent sans que nous puissions fermer les yeux,avant qu'une cruelle séparation vienne d'abord nous attrister! Lève-toi et respirons encore un instant avant que respire Ie souffle de l'aurore; car bien longtemps encore, hélas! cette aurore respirera quand nous ne respirerons plus!

P 587

O many's the night since eyes on thy mole set we!
O many's the dawn since lips to the bowl set we!
Come, let us arise and drink ere the break of the morn,
So the foot of liesse on the head of dole set we!

Th 690

Whole nights pass that we close our eyelids ne'er,
For when we breathe not, dawn will oft appear;
Up then ! and let us drink ere day, to set
The foot of Pleasure on the head of Care!

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