So long as you can be not a moment without wine
For from wine your wit & heart become joyful,
If Satan had drunk wine for one moment
He would have made 2000 prayer-bows before Adam.


Chr 109

So far as in thee lies, be not without wine for one
moment, for through wine reason and heart and faith become merry.
If Iblís had drunk but one draught of wine, he would
have prostrated himself two thousand times before Adam



Applique-toi à n'être jamais un moment privé de vin, car c'est le vin qui donne du reflet à l'intelligence, au cœur de I'homme, à la religion. Si Ie diable en avait goûté un seul instant, il aurait adoré Adam et aurait fait devant lui deux mille génuflexions.

P 590

By wine from men's heads overweening's awayed;
By wine are perplexment and doubting allayed:
Had Iblis one draught of the wine-juice essayed,
Two thousand prostrations to Adam he'd made.

Th 356

No moment while you may refuse wine's aid,
For by it reason, heart and faith are stayed;
Had Iblis drunk one drop, to Adam he
Two thousand salutations would have made.

Wh 313

Ne'er for one moment leave your cup unused!
Wine keeps heart, faith, and reason too, amused;
Had Iblis swallowed but a single drop,
To worship Adam he had ne'er refused!

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