I am continually sorrowful at the revolutions of the sky
With my own ignoble composition I am in hatred
I have not the skill to rise from upon the earth
I have not the art to sit free from the world


Nic 273

Je suis constamment attristé par Ie mouvement de cette roue des cieux. Je suis révolté contre ma vile nature. Je n'ai ni assez de sciencepour me dérober sans retour au monde, ni assez d'intelligence pour y vivre sans m'en préoccuper. 

P 593

For Fortune's vicissitudes sad, day and night, am I:
Against my vile nature fore'er in despite am I:
Neither sapient enough from this world to take flight am I
Nor therein to sit careless discreet enough quite am I. 

Th 359

By circling Heaven I 'm saddened constantly,
And with my own base nature vexed am I;
Wit lacking from the world to sit apart.
And wanting wisdom free from earth to fly. 

Wh 316

Ah! by these heavens, that ever circling run,
And by my own base lusts I am undone,
Without the wit to abandon worldly hopes,
And wanting sense the world's allures to shun! 

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