How long shall we continue the slaves of everyday problems ?
What matter if we inhabit this body one year or one day ?
Pour thou wine into the cup, ere that we
Become pots in the workshop of the potter.


Bodl 111

How long shall we continue slaves to every-day problems?
what matter whether we live one year, or one day, in this world?
pour out a cup of wine, before that we
become pots in the workshop of the potters.

Chr 53

How long shall we be captives in the prison of every day reason?
What matter whether we have come into the world for a hundred years or for one day?
Pour wine into the cup, before we become pots in the workshop of the potters.

Nic 277

Jusques à quand serons-nous esclaves de notre raison de tous les jours? Qu'importe que nous restions cent ans en ce monde, ou que nous n'y demeurions qu'un jour? Va, apporte du vin dans un bol avant que nous soyons transformés en cruches dans l'atelier du potier.

P 594

How long shall the bondmen of every-day sense we be?
What matter if living, an age or day hence, we be?
Up, cupbearer; quick, the winecup in hand give, before
By the wind of death strewn to the elements we be.

Th 363

How long mere slaves of petty prudence be?
What if we live a day or century?
Wine bring us in the bowl, or ever we
Become but wine-jars in the pottery.

Wh 320

Let us shake off dull reason's incubus,
Our tale of days or years cease to discuss,
And take our jugs, and plenish them with wine,
Or e'er grim potters make their jugs of us!

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