We are those whose heads are always drunk with wine
In our assembly there is nothing but the wine cup
Leave off advising me oh immature zealot
We are wine seekers & the lip of the friend is our desire


Nic 307

Nous avons constamment la tête prise de vin : la présence de la coupe et du vin seule anime notre société. Laisse donc là tes conseils, ô ignorant pénitent! (tu Ie vois) nous sommes adorateurs du vin, et les lèvres de l'objet de nos amours sont au gré de nos désirs.

P 598

Yea, topers and merry with wine are we still;
In our banquet, save wine and the winecup, is nil:
With thy prate, foolish zealot, our ears leave to fill;
With the Friend's lip and wine we are happy at will.

Th 694

Our heads are turned by grape-juice constantly,
There 's naught save wine cups in our company,
Your preaching cease, O foolish votary!
To worship wine and loved one's lips we 're free.

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