With your mercy I do not trouble myself about sin
Provided for by you I do not trouble about the anxieties of the road
If I am agreeable to you they will make my face
I will not trouble myself one jot about the black book


F4 98

Would but some wingéd Angel ere too late
Arrest the yet unfolded Roll of Fate,
And make the stern Recorder otherwise
Enregister, or quite obliterate!

Nic 275

Ta miséricorde m'étant acquise, je n'ai point peur du péché. Avec les provisions que tu possèdes, je n'ai pas à m'inquiéter des embarras du voyage. Ta bienveillance rendant mon visage blanc, du livre noir je n'ai aucune crainte.

P 599

In Thy mercy I trust and of sin so I reck not;
Of my faith in Thy care, of the way's woe I reck not:
Since Thy favour white-faced will assuredly raise me,
Of the Black Book I reck not a grain, no, I reck not,

Th 361

Of sin I reck not, since I trust Thy grace,
Nor with Thy care, the toilsome way I trace.
And I rate not the ''black book" at a grain,
So that Thy favor shall make white my face.

Wh 318

Sure of Thy grace, for sins why need I fear?
How can the pilgrim faint whilst Thou art near?
On the last day Thy grace will wash me white,
And make my "black record" to disappear.

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