It is a feast day, come, that I may draw more rose coloured wine
With melody of the lute & song of harp we draw (it)
With a smooth cheeked friend we sit
Taking 2 or 3 measures of wine we drink to the dregs


P 600

The Feast 't is: come, rose-coloured wine again let us drink;
To the wail of the harp and the ghittern's strain, let us drink:
With the light-hearted friend, a moment or two, let us sit
And of wine, heavy measure, a pottle or twain let us drink.

Th 804

The Feast 'tis! come! the rose-hued vintage drain
To murm'ring harp and lute's melodious strain!
With loved one, light of heart, a moment sit
And, heavy measure, drink and yet again!

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