If I am drunk with Mugh wine
And if I am an infidel & idol worshipper
Every sect looks on me with suspicion
I am of my own (sect) & whatever I say I am


Nic 297

Si je suis ivre de vin vieux; eh bien! je Ie suis. Si je suis infidèle, guèbre ou idolâtre; eh bien!  je Ie suis. Chaque groupe d'individus s'est formé une idée sur mon compte. Mais qu'importe, je m'appartiens et je suis ce que je suis.

P 603

If an infidel, drunk with the Magians' wine, I am, - I am;
If idolater, scoffer at things Divine, I am, - I am:
Each sect and each sort hath a different opinion of me;
Forsooth, I 'm my own; yea, and such as, in fine, I am, I am.

Th 377

If drunk with Magian wine I am, I am.
Faithless, Gueber, idolater I am,
I am. Each sect of me conjecture holds;
I am myself and what I am, I am.

Wh 334

Am I a wine bibber? What if I am?
Gueber or infidel? Suppose I am?
Each sect miscalls me, but I heed them not,
I am my own, and, what I am, I am.

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