You are an unlawful person for me to speak with one moment
What from the beginning was man’s affair.
You have fashioned him with toil in clay of affliction
One time he tastes of earth and passes away


F4 48

A Moment's Halt--a momentary taste
Of BEING from the Well amid the Waste--
And LO!--the phantom Caravan has reach'd
The NOTHING it set out from--Oh, make haste!

HA 48b

(Man is) a toil-stricken being, fashioned in the clay of affliction.
He tasted of Earth for a time and passed away.

Nic 302

Es-tu assez discret pour que je te dise en peu de mots ce que l'homme a été dans Ie principe? Une créature misérable, pétrie dans la boue du chagrin. II a, durant quelques jours, mangé quelques morceaux ici-bas, puis il a levé Ie pied pour s'en aller.

P 606

Art thou an adépt, that I may give thee to know
What man hath been aye since the first of his matter? Lo,
One stricken of sorrow and moulded with clay of woe,
The world he enjoyeth a moment and riseth to go.

Th 382

To thee an adept I may briefly say
What man has always been, a shape of clay.
The clay of grief cast in the mould of toil.
Who tasting life a moment, moves away.

Wh 338

To confidants like you I dare to say
What mankind really are: - moulded of clay,
Affliction's clay, and kneaded in distress,
They taste the world awhile, then pass away.

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