The world being fleeting I practice naught but artifice
I bear in mind only cheerfulness & sparkling wine
They say to me, “May God grant thee repentance !”
He himself does not give it, & if He gives it, I will none of it.


Bodl 114

The world being fleeting, I practise naught but artifice,
I hold only with cheerfulness and sparkling wine;
they say to me: — " May God grant thee penitence."
He himself does not give it, and if He gives it, I will none of it.

Nic 289

Puisque Ie monde est périssable, je veux n'y pratiquer que la ruse, je veux n'y penser qu'à la joie, qu'au vin limpide. On me dït: Puisse Dieu t'y faire renoncer! Puisse-t-il, au contraire, ne point me donner un ordre pareil, car, me Ie donnât-il, je n'obéirais pas!

P 606

Art thou an adépt, that I may give thee to know
What man hath been aye since the first of his matter? Lo,
One stricken of sorrow and moulded with clay of woe,
The world he enjoyeth a moment and riseth to go.

Th 382

To thee an adept I may briefly say
What man has always been, a shape of clay.
The clay of grief cast in the mould of toil.
Who tasting life a moment, moves away.

Wh 338

To confidants like you I dare to say
What mankind really are: - moulded of clay,
Affliction's clay, and kneaded in distress,
They taste the world awhile, then pass away.

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