Be careful that we do not make a noise in the tavern
Let us go there & drink
Let us barter the turban & the book for wine
Let us pass the madrasseh & do not let us run.


Nic 311

Gardez-vous, gardez-vous bien de faire du bruit dans la taverne! Passons-y, mais évitons toute agitation. Vendons le turban, vendons le livre (le Koran) pour acheter du vin. Passons ensuite par le madressèh, mais ne nous y arrétons pas.

P 607

Beware: in the tavern outcry look ye make not
And commotion, in passing it by, look ye make not!
Book and turban for wine let us sell, shun the mosque-schools,
But a shrug of the shoulders therenigh look ye make not!

Th 463

Beware in taverns that we make no cry.
Nor raise a stir when we are passing by;
The Book and turban let us sell for wine,
The mosque-school pass, nor yet assemble nigh.

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