In loving thee I incur a hundred reproaches for sins
And if I fail in this obligation I pay the penalty
If Thy cruelty continues all my life
Please God I shall have less than that to bear upon the Judgment Day.

Bodl 113

In loving Thee I incur reproaches for a hundred sins,
and if I fail in this obligation I pay a penalty:
if my life remain faithful to Thy cruelty,
please God, I shall have less than that to bear till the Judgment Day.

Nic 287

Pour l'amour que je te porte, je suis prêt à subir toute sorte de blâme, et si je transgresse mon serment, je me soumets à en subir la peine. Oh! eussé-je à endurer jusqu'au jour dernier les tourments que tu me causes, que cet espace de temps me semblerait encore trop court!

P 554

An hundred kinds of blame for love of thee I'd bear;
And if this pact I break, the penalty I 'd bear;
If life sufficed thereto, thy cruelties are less
Than to the Judgment Day, did God decree, I'd bear.

Th 370

I'll bear a hundred scoffs for thy dear sake,
Or pay the debt if I this promise break;
Though life suffice thy cruelties, 'twere less
Than what till Judgment I would undertake!

Wh 327

For Thee I vow to cast repute away,
And, if I shrink, the penalty to pay;
Though life might satisfy Thy cruelty,
'Twere naught, I'll bear it till the judgment-day!

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