It is better that we should make the heart glad with the wine cup
And take less thought about coming and going
And this passing life that is lent us
Let us free for a moment from the bonds of wisdom


Nic 265

Ce qu'il y a de plus sage, c'est de chercher la joie de nos cœurs dans une coupe de vin; c'est de ne pas trop nous préoccuper du présent ni du passé; c'est enfin, ne fût-ce que pour un instant, de délivrer des entraves de la raison cette âme qu'on nous prête et qui gémit dans sa prison.

P 602

Beware lest thou think that death and its need I fear,
That the flight of the soul from the body's wede I fear.
Death, since it is certain, no fear thereof have I;
But, since I've lived ill, 't is that, indeed, I fear.

Th 351

'T is well with cup to fill the heart with glee,
And count as little “has been" and ''to be."
This borrowed soul a prisoner here below,
A while from Reason's bondage we 'll set free.

Wh 308

'Tis well to drink, and leave anxiety
For what is past, and what is yet to be;
Our prisoned spirits, lent us for a day,
A while from season's bondage shall go free!

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