Although I have come with an air of supplication to the mosque,
by Allah ! I have not come to pray;
I came one day and stole a prayer-mat -
that sin wears out, and I come again and again.


Bodl 115

Although I have come with supplication to the mosque
By Allah ! I have not come to pray !
I came one day and stole a prayer-mat
That sin wears out & I come again & again.

Nic 285

Bien que ce soit par devoir que je me suis rendu à la mosquée, ce n'est certes pas pour y faire la prière. Un jour, j'y ai volé un sédjaddèh. Ce sédjaddèh c'est usé; j'y suisve revenu et puis revenu encore.

P 572

Although to the mosque for an urgent affair have I come,
God wotteth that not for the sake of the prayer have I come!
A prayer-carpet thence one day I purloined; 't is grown old
And another to crib, time and time again there have I come.

Th 368

Although to mosque I 've come with humble air,
By gracious Allah ! I 've not come for prayer;
One day I stole a prayer-mat, which worn out
Time and again still thither I repair.

Wh 325

In reverent sort to mosque I wend my way,
But, by great Allah, it is not to pray;
No! but to steal a prayer-mat! When 'tis worn,
I go again, another to purvey.

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